Imperial Beach Pier fisherman fight off surfers and restaurant


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It has been my observation that anglers are not welcomed on piers. The authorities will overlook dogs, bikes, smoking, etc. but not overhead casting or surf fishing.

That is why I stopped going to piers, except Catalina.

I hope to do more kayak fishing too after my big trip to Alaska.

Ken Jones

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The srtificial restriction on surf fishing is strictly a call by the San Diego Port and Harbor District that controls the piers. The piers were initially built for fishing and money from the Wildlife Conservation Fund was used for their construction (at least 50%). The district caved in to the surfers and I think if we ever had the money to hire a good attorney, or had a pro bono attorney, I think there's a good chance they could force the district to reverse their opinion. Then too, given today's propensity for protest, perhaps if a large group of protestors were to be out at the foot of the pier each day they might gain good publicity for anglers and be able to give some bad publicity to the district and the restaurant. Just saying...


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they remodeled the whole area and turned it into a gentrified place for tourists and pansies. Long ago you used to be able to bow fish from the pier.