Imperial Beach Pier — anglers squeezed for space

Brock Norris

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Ok maybe that was harsh its tough to run a business i owned one for 40 years i want business to succeed but pier fisherman always get pushed aside i can afford to go on boats buy gear license and all but not everyone can and piers are about the only place that you can fish for free or almost free calif is expensensive ok my two cents thanks

Ken Jones

Staff member
It's a problem down there, both with what's taking place at the end (where the deeper water is) and inshore where the shallower water is (along with the croakers). The city has taken a largely non if almost anti-angler approach for several years and though Wildlife Conservation Board money helped build the pier, and dictated its use as a FISHING PIER, the normal (I think) 25 year agreement has long ended on those funds.