Ideal weight for Surf Spoons


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Hello Everyone.

Stupid question:

I'd like to buy some surf spoons to try and use mainly for surf fishing.

Is there an ideal weight for spoons in the surf? (Fishing will be SoCal - LA & SD.)

The spoon I'm looking at comes in 4 weights with sizes ranging from 2" to 2.75".

1/4 oz
3/8 oz
1/2 oz
3/4 oz

Thanks in advance.


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A picture would be helpful.
I think the type of rod and the gear ratio of your reel can dictate what is the best weight.

Also, the heavier the lure, the farther it will cast with proper rod and casting ability.

The long cast gives you more water to cover as well.

Tight lines.


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I was thinking something small like a little cleo. I've used krocodile spoons before but I find them a bit heavy.

Currently using the Daiwa Saltist West Coast Surf Rod (9'6 5/16 oz to 1 1/4 oz) with an Okuma Epixor XT (5.0:1 gear ratio, size 30) I have other rods that I can use as well. I have another reel I can also use: DAM Quick 1202.

My concern is having too heavy of a lure that I'm just dragging it on the sand. However I see your point that retrieve speed can influence how a spoon works.

Ken Jones

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I would think the conditions at the beach, primarily the wind, would tend to dictate to some degree the lure you use. You are talking light weight lures at the smaller sizes and the wind could make it hard to cast those lures. I would carry several lures and use the most appropriate for the conditions.


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Weight of a spoon and size of lure can dramatically affect action. A good example could be a Kastmaster vs. a Phoebe. The Phoebe can produce great action with a raised rod tip. Kastmaster of equal size will produce similar action but may need to be retrieved at a slightly faster rate.
I've found that lighter line and rig will help detecting action. I used a very light 12 foot steelhead rod with a max of 8 lb. test. This combo could cast very lightweight spoons a country mile and could still sense the action of the lure on the retrieve.