Ice fishing Utah and Colorado…..1/2-17/2019 …. part two:


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Ice fishing Utah and Colorado…..1/2-17/2019 …. part two:

I should have stayed in Heber City first, before the Strawberry Reservoir. The lower altitude would have made it easier to get used to the higher altitude later.

Then the higher elevation at the berry would have not been as much of a problem.

Tuesday January 8th, 2019

I had set aside two days to spent with my kin Magic, who last year suffered a brain stroke.

1-On the way to Park City to see my kin Magic.

Lots of trucks traveling in the highways, but there are slow lanes for them to keep the other traffic moving.

2-Ski runs in the distance.

3-While waiting to see Magic, I was able to use the computers in two different public libraries.

This one was in Heber City. If you saw my short posts, that is where I was.

4-The top executive of his company, appreciates his years of dedicated work. So now Magic helps part time at the information booth.

No Physical work for now.

5-Magic’s playground before he was disabled.

6-There were some really young kids with instructors, or parents. Lucky devils.

7-Drunk driver or advertising?? I think the latter.

After a nice dinner. I was back to my hotel in Heber City for the night.

Wednesday January 9th

In the morning, I was back to Park City to spend a day with Magic.

8-Our tax dollars at work. Park City, Utah, town library.

9-Some of the lifts and runs of available 320 runs.

10-There is even a run named after Magic. To the left of the Park City name on the top of the map in the above picture.

11-It is for experts only.

12-For (34) years he was the most requested ski instructor in Park City. Johnny Carson, Brooke shields, Sylvester Stallone, Mitt Romney, and even Orrin Hatch were among his clients/students.

Life could be cruel at times.

Side note:

One day after being in US for only a few weeks, his boss tells him---

“tomorrow we have an important client” …. “Be sure to take care of him”.

But of course replies Magic (Majid).

In the morning he meets the client ----“I am Magic” ---“I am Johnny” is the introductions.

They go and ski. While on the runs, he notices a lot of people stop to take picture of his client.

At lunch in the restaurant, people come and ask for his autograph.

Magic asks the client…. “Do you want me to stop the interruptions?” …. No says the client.

Then Finally Magic asks… “who are you?”

The client says, “I am Jonny Carson” …. “I have a TV show late at night” … “haven’t you seen it?

No says Magic. “I have only been in US for a few weeks, and don’t stay up late at night.”

Well, watch it tonight and tell me what you think. It is funny. Says Mr. Carson.

Next day Mr. Carson asks Magic…. “how did you like my show? Did you find it funny?”

No says Magic. Well he did not have the background of American political events. Thus, did not get the jokes.

Now Magic says… “if you want funny here is a joke”. Then he proceeds to tell some jokes that would blush a sailor.

You see; Magic is an encyclopedia of filthy jokes.

Mr. Carson laughs his pants off, but says…. “if I tell these jokes on air, they will cancel my show”.

Later Mr. Carson buys a house in Park City. However, he gives it to his wife in a divorce settlement.

Never comes back to Park City. Or at least asks for Magic.

13-Some of the (320) runs that were available in Park City, Utah for the skiers to enjoy.

Daily lift ticket $179.00 ……. Yearly with black-out days $600.00 …..yearly with no black-out days $900.00. Wow.

14-We took a gondola to one of the mid-section runs.

15-Lots of new construction is going on. I guess you can ski to your door, if you live or rent there.

16-Before my kin Magic (Majid) suffered a brain stroke, this was his office if you will.

After spending a nice day in Park City, it was time say good-by until next time and head for my motel in Heber City.

17-There were still Xmas lights in the main street of Heber City. This was the last night in Heber City after spending the second day with Magic.

At the motel, I packed my stuff to be ready for early departure next day.

Thursday January 10th

Why Colorado?

While visiting Bill Varney at his booth at the Fred Hall Show in 2018, I mentioned that I have been ice fishing in Utah and showed him some pictures. Next thing he say is that he now lives in Colorado and would like to do some ice fishing. However, he does not have a power auger and looking for someone who has one. I told him I would be interested to come to Colorado with my power auger to fish with him.

The fact that there are lakes with northern pike was the cherry on the top.

In the morning I left early in anticipation of a long drive.

18-As far as eye can see, there was snow, bushes or trees and lovely scenery……….

………………as long as you were warm in the car!!

19-As I was driving, the two side mirrors got iced up!!................

20-…………….so did the A/C condensing unit behind the front grill.

The 2017 Toyota 4Runner was very reliable and performed excellent. Even with street (smooth ride) tires I feared no snow or rain covered road.

I had a four wheeled drive SUV with tow cables and two sets of chains. I also carry emergency food and water as well as some blankets.

21-However, lack of cell signal in remote areas without any traffic was concerning at times.

22-Winter display at its best……

23-I put in a CD I had and got going with the Surround Sound speakers set louder than usual for me.

For a short break from reading, here is a link for your listening pleasure:

24-Many times it was foggy. Some drivers neglected to have driving lights on or even have the regular low beams on.

I think all cars should have automatic driving lights like my 2000 Toyota 4Runner. As soon as car is in Drive, the driving light would come on.

25-There were lots of plow trucks on the roads to clear the snow on the public roads. The roads in Utah were the best.

I did not experience one pothole the whole time traveling in that state.

26-More scenery to be enjoyed while driving.

27-My wife was complaining that while I was gone, it was cold in Los Angeles!

This was not the coldest that I countered either.

TO BE COUNTINUED………………………………