Ice fishing trip, Wyoming 122020, part one.


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Once more the winter finally arrived and I got going to my ice fishing trip.

Since last trip of last winter, I had spent a lot of time in improving my gear as well as some money.

Could not wait to try them all.

This time was a reservoir called Flaming Gorge. It is a big reservoir that is both in states of Utah and Wyoming. The Wyoming section freezes, but not the Utah section. I again fished with some friends who live in Utah and like to fish the Gorge.

This is a travel log as well as a fishing report. I even went to a state penitentiary in a town called Rawlins in Wyoming!!

So, pour your favorite drink, relax and enjoy the scenery pictures and the report.

1-This was the coldest temperature in Wyoming that I encountered.

Thursday, January 2nd, 2020

Left home around noon on the busy freeways going east and after a stop at Mad Greek’s café for some Gyros (pronounced…you ros) and other stops, got to hotel in Las Vegas around 6:00 PM.

2-Leaving Los Angeles, the first sighting of snow was Mt. Baldy from 210 freeway going east, around Upland.

3-It was at 3:30 PM and the traffic was busy.

4-However, I was picturing the empty highways that were to be traveled later in the trip.

5-I call this picture…sunset in the rear view!!

6-All the way to Las Vegas, there were many vehicles traveling both ways. Lots of trucks as well.

Being a day after New Year, it was mostly on the opposite direction from Vegas. I had planned it that way.

Hotel was next door to Bass Por Shops. Played some BJ and went to bed for early check-out in the morning.

Friday, January 3rd, 2020

Left Vegas around 7:00 AM and after many stops got to Green River around 10:00 PM! It was very hard to keep my eyes open. Roads were clear but long and straight. 80 MPH is speed limit in most of Wyoming. Next time I will stay in Provo, Utah overnight to break the long hours of driving.

7-First sighting of major snow on the ground. Thankfully the roads were clear.

8-I enjoyed some coffee while resting from driving and listening to classical music from an unlikely source.

I even recorded some, but I don’t seem to be able to transform it to my computer.

9-Snow at another stop for rest and coffee.

10-It starting to get cold now.

11-Farming fields are now covered with snow.

Saturday, January 4th, 2020

Today, I fished with Jim and his friend who live in Utah. They had left home around 4:00-5:00 AM to be on ice at first light.

12-I just parked next to Jim’s car and am looking for them. Fortunately, the phone worked and I was able to see him waving his arm.

Between the black SUV that is facing me and a bush, waaaaaaaaaaaaaay in the distance and after the clear ice patch is a very small black line.

It is always a long distance for me to go to where Jim likes to fish. I have to take many rest stops.

13-Jim is looking at the flasher. He can tell when the fish is moving just by looking at flashes.

14-This is called a flasher unit. It is a fish indicator.

Red on top by zero is the surface. Red at about (14) ft. is the solid bottom. In between the green marks are fish, lure, or an object floating inside of the sonar cone. In this instance my lure [at (9) plus ft.] has fallen from the top to a possible fish. When the two meet, I have to be ready for the bite and hookup. If I pull my lure up and the other green line follows it; it is definitely an interested fish.

The other green lines to the left of the bottom red could be interference. Sometimes there are many green lines between the bottom and top. Is it interference, or fish? Knowing the difference is what makes an angler like Jim great at catching fish.

15-Here is a sample of green line on flasher.

16-His friend that I met last year had come too. All excellent fisherman. Ice or otherwise.

17-My spot to fish. Looking at the distance you may see many tents (mostly red), and the Marina.

18-Got my first fish around 3:00 PM.

19-I got this LED light stick for attracting fish, but I submerged it way deeper than designed, I guess.

Can’t tell if it worked as far as attracting fish. Later used it in shallower water for Burbot.

20-By the time I got to Jim and his friend about 10:00 AM, they had about (10) or so fish. Early bite was the key. Later it slowed down.

This is the total catch for the day.

These are lake trout which are actually a family of char. Locally known as “pups”. I guess they get big. They are becoming somewhat invasive, so at this reservoir, the daily limit is (12) for angler with possession limit of 24 total. Only one could be longer than 28”.

We were fishing in about 70 ft. of water. The bottom was about 84 ft. There is a certain temperature that the lake trout likes to hangout.

Jim and company left around 4:00 PM and I moved to a closer spot to my 4Runner.

I landed one more fish before calling it quit around 6:00 PM.

Sunday, January 5th, 2020

Went back to the Buckboard Marina area as the day before, but much closer to the shore.

It was very slow until late afternoon where an average size “pup” was caught and released.

21-Cold for this Southern California angler, but I traveled there to fish, so no complains.

As I was packing, I saw a local couple arriving to stay and fish in the night for Burbot.

Monday, January 6th, 2020

22-On the way to another fishing location called Firehole.

It was as usual a very nice scenery before getting to the spot. I was the only one most of the day until someone else showed up.

I camped at a previously fished spot while fighting the on and off strong wind gust.

23-I kept seeing a caution yellow signs which read “Free Range”. Later I realized that it meant cows could be on the road. I saw their…..on the road long before I saw any cows.

24-I guess a lot of Western movies were shot in Utah with this kind of scenery in the background.

25-For most of the day I was alone in this location called Firehole. Being a weekday did help keep the “crowds” away.

I had seen many promising reports by others from this place, so I decided to try it.

Not too many flashes on flasher, or fish on the camera. Finally hooked a pup, but lost it at the hole.

Tuesday, January 7th, 2020

Decided to take a break from fishing today. Loading and unloading, getting dressed up for the ice fishing had me worn out.

Today was for sightseeing. It was a beautiful and sunny day.

I decided to make a tour around the reservoir by going south to Utah, then east and back north on the opposite side of the reservoir to Wyoming.

26-This is the Utah part of the Flaming Gorge. I am told due to depth of the water and amount of water; it does not freeze like the Wyoming section of the reservoir.

27-Shame on the truck driver who left this.

28-On the way back from the bottom of the reservoir in Utah, while going north, I noticed a deer crossing the road.

I safely backed up and took the following pictures.

A closer look at the picture will reveal a deer. Look between the two yellow signs and the two trees in between the yellow signs.

29-I Love to see real nature while traveling in places like this.

I had seen a dead doe before on the side of the road before. It was on the way to Heber City, Utah.

30-This is the bottom section of the reservoir in Utah. Apparently, due to its depth and expanse, it does not freeze.

31-There is also a dam at the southeast corner of the reservoir.

32-These must be nets to prevent fish from going through the dam.

It was about (190) miles round trip from and to the hotel.