Huntington Pier 9/3


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Started fishing the pier at ~6 am with an incoming tide. There was just about no wind, and the water was pretty cold. I started off just past the lifeguard tower on the South Side and fished fresh mussels on a fishfinder rig with a 4' fluoro leader. By 10 am, I had caught a smallish corbina and yellowfin croaker. I moved up the pier past the bait shop/restrooms, and saw an incredible amount of life in the water. Schools of micro bait stretched for as far as I could see, and every now and then a couple mackerel would tear through the schools. I started off with a sabiki, and caught three sardines. I then switched to a Jigpara 15g mini jig for constant action on small mackerel, sometimes doubling up on one jig. When the sun burned off the morning haze, all of the fish retreated either into deeper water or away from the pier, and action slowed considerably. Even then, I still had fairly consistent action on the mini jig.