Huntington pier. 9/19

So my quest for Bonita continues at the pier. I really should just jump on a half day boat in SD for a sure thing right now but what's the challenge in that, right? Anyways, its pretty hot today. Fished from 10 to 2pm. Light wind. Dirty water. Good smells. No bonita for me or anyone else I could see. But all the mackerel and mix of BIG sardines you want. Loaded up on Mack's for the coming lobster season.



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I actually visited the pier for the first time yesterday afternoon. The action seemed pretty slow but there were mackerel being caught here and there albeit in much smaller sizes.

What I was amazed by were the corbinas so close to the the shore. I was able to see 3 on one side of the pier and 2 on the other side. Relatively good size too.