Huntington Pier 9/10 (separate report)


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Got to the pier at 5:30 am, I forget what tide it was, but it was cold and foggy, with relatively low wind. Like the last couple trips, there was a ton of tiny baitfish. I started off on the south side near the Rubys fishing a 21 gram coltsniper. I caught nothing in the first hour, but other anglers were pulling in decent sized mackerel pretty consistently with baited sabikis. As soon as the sun came up, the larger mackerel vanished, and the bite on smaller mackerel trickled down to just about nothing. I scraped out a few, but otherwise it was extremely slow. At around 9, I started moving around and cast into schools of bait for a few mackerel. On the north side, I began getting consistent bites, sometimes doubling up on small-medium sized mackerel, with two larger ones mixed in. After catching consistently for about a half hour, a spot opened up behind the Rubys, and I moved in. At first, it was about the same as before, consistent action on mackerel. I forget when the bonito showed up, but a school breezed through and I landed three in quick succession. A while later, another school breezed through and I managed one more, popping two off. Then around 10:50, the bonito really moved in, and I ended up losing two more, and landing four more. I left at 11:10 with the fish still biting. Just about all of the fish today were caught with a 21 g coltsniper that I had taken the treble off of and instead installed two assist hooks.


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Thanks for the report! I'm definitely hoping the bonito get even more bigger. Those are good sizes nonetheless. They are my favorite fish to catch due to the fight. =)