Huntington Pier 8/26 and Seal Beach Pier 8/28


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Slow fishing for bottomfish, lots of mackerel.

I fished Huntington just past the lifeguard tower on the incoming tide from 7 pm to midnight. Using fresh mussels, I caught one round ray and one yellowfin croaker. It looked similarly slow for other people fishing in the surf zone. I did, however, see people walking down from the end with buckets full of mackerel, but I didn't want to walk the distance.

I started fishing Seal Beach at 8pm, for even slower action on mussels, catching only one round ray. I moved to the end and got into a wide-open mackerel bite on strips of cut bait behind a glowstick. I caught something like ~40 fish before I ran back to the car at midnight (yes two hours after closing time).