Huntington Beach Pier


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Me and my girl will be fishing Huntington today between about 1030 AM and 6-7pm. I'll post my location once I get there - feel free to say hi! Anyone on the board is always welcome to fish with us. Also, if anyone has any recent intel beyond the monthly report (always the first thing I take a look at), I'd love to hear it.


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How was it? I was at the Newport jetty today. Bite was very good there for decent sized mackerel, octopus and opal eye. HB is my home pier but I’ve been neglecting it lately to drive to San Clemente to try to get Sheephead.

Feel free to DM me next time your around there. With a bit more noticed, I’ll mostly likely show up!


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How was it?
It was a good day to be a surfer. Not so much a fisherman. Didn't see much anywhere on the pier, even the macks were not around. Had some hits on squid, but nothing that suggested a quality fish and nothing that hooked up. Swells were big, break was pristine and air temps collapsed as soon as the sun dipped behind the cirrus at about 2-3pm.

Feel free to DM me next time your around there.
Will do. We seem to fish the same area a lot, it's nice to see some active southern California folks around. Feel free to hit me up too, I can set my work schedule to some degree so with a few days notice I can often box out some fishing time. I'm in Upland so if I'm fishing I've already committed to a drive and I don't much mind what direction I go. My normal AO is from San Clemente pier to Malibu pier, but I spend a lot of time at Newport, Balboa, and Dana Point Harbor.