Huntington Beach Pier - Sunday 8/14/22


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Fished the end of Huntington Beach Pier Sunday morning. Arrived at 6:15AM and fished a small hook sabiki with a 30g jipara stick bait as the weight. Caught a collection of tiny mackerel, smelt, sardines, and a small walleye perch. Also got a decent bite fishing a live smelt on a carolina rig but wasn't able to hook the fish. Started packing up to leave at noon. Just then I saw someone pull up a big mackerel. For the next hour I caught 11 big mackerel fishing a carolina rig with squid. Stopped fishing around 1:15PM.

3 small bonito were pulled up by other anglers fishing sabiki rigs. There was also a medium sized bat ray and a thornback skate landed while I was there.

I fried some of the smaller bait fish and served them with some vegetables and rice:

Made Larb (Thai salad) with some of the Macks I caught:
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