Huntington Beach Pier 9/27 Report


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We got there around 6:15AM and made our way to the north side of the pier just before Rubies. The bite was slow and steady today with most of the action coming from small to medium sized mackerel. I fished many different types of cut bait today (shrimp, squid, anchovy, and mackerel) and different depths and only caught mackerel all day.

My girl grabbed a sabiki rig and started changing spots. She caught three queenfish at mid pier and went really far inshore and fished with a father and son who had caught a couple barred surf perch, a corbina, and a leopard shark.

Catch of the day goes to the older Vietnamese gentleman across the pier from our spot who landed a keeper sized halibut on a sabiki rig. It seems that the rig had hooked a smaller sized mackerel and he was fishing two poles so while is attention was on the other pole a 22" halibut tried to eat his mackerel and got hooked. I recruited a net from a young couple fishing up the pier from our spot and they were able to help him land his fish.

That fish looked huge but I got out my measuring tape just in case and it as just 22 inches. Crazy catch for sure on an otherwise sleepy day at the pier.

We left at 1PM with 5 smallish mackerel, 3 queenfish, and a smelt. I threw a bunch of mackerel back in the beginning but after my girl asked if we could keep and cook the queen fish, I added to our haul to make the effort to stop and clean the fish worthwhile.
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