Huntington Beach Pier 9/27/22


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Arrived at 7:30AM and went to the end to the left of the restaurant at the end facing the shore.

I hooked a decent sized white sea bass on a 20g slow pitch jig that came off at the surface of the water right at the pier. All for the best as it was not legal size.

I caught a 13" sand bass on live smelt fished on a carolina rig. While fishing for bait I caught a couple handfuls of sardines and a handful of smelt.

Bite was slower today. Was harder to get bites both fishing for bait and fishing for bigger fish.

I saw a couple small bonito caught on sabiki rigs and another short white sea bass was caught on a stick bait used as a sinker on a sabiki rig.

I saw one mackerel caught on a sabiki with bait. Apparently there were mackerel to be had from 5:30AM until just after sunrise.

Walking back off the pier I saw someone caught a medium size leopard shark in the inshore fishing area and someone else released a small unidentified shark also in the inshore area.
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