Huntington Beach Pier 9/16 and Balboa Pier 9/17

Too tired to write a detailed report, will edit later if I feel motivated.

Met Evanluck and DiegoGarciaWahoos on the pier at around 10:30 am. Slow fishing for small-medium mackerel on the 21 g coltsniper. I left at 2 pm.

Got to the pier at 5:20 am and started off fishing the 15 g jigpara. I caught a few mackerel. By 7 am, large sardines began to show sporadically with the mackerel. At 9:30, I caught a bonito. From then on, it was fairly consistent action on medium-large mackerel until I left at 12, with three more bonito mixed in.


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Glad you got some action on the Bonito after such a sleepy day at Huntington! How were you fishing that 15g jigpara? How many hook ups on average in between the bonito catches? Were you target casting or blind casting?
Sorry for the late response. I was fishing it like the coltsniper, with vertical sweeps. I was catching ~15 mackerel between each bonito, and on that day I had shaken off two bonito. I was target casting at intermittent boils, but was blind casting for the most part.