Huntington Beach Pier 9/16 and Balboa Pier 9/17


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Too tired to write a detailed report, will edit later if I feel motivated.

Met Evanluck and DiegoGarciaWahoos on the pier at around 10:30 am. Slow fishing for small-medium mackerel on the 21 g coltsniper. I left at 2 pm.

Got to the pier at 5:20 am and started off fishing the 15 g jigpara. I caught a few mackerel. By 7 am, large sardines began to show sporadically with the mackerel. At 9:30, I caught a bonito. From then on, it was fairly consistent action on medium-large mackerel until I left at 12, with three more bonito mixed in.


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Glad you got some action on the Bonito after such a sleepy day at Huntington! How were you fishing that 15g jigpara? How many hook ups on average in between the bonito catches? Were you target casting or blind casting?


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Sorry for the late response. I was fishing it like the coltsniper, with vertical sweeps. I was catching ~15 mackerel between each bonito, and on that day I had shaken off two bonito. I was target casting at intermittent boils, but was blind casting for the most part.