Huntington Beach Pier 8/20 and Balboa Pier 8/22


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Fished Huntington Pier from 5:30 to 10 pm. I started off fishing just past the bait shop on the north side. Until around 7, it was very windy and slow. Some other anglers caught short halibut and white sea bass (thankfully released), and one large shovelnose guitarfish, but otherwise there was very little action. I moved down next to the lifeguard tower at around 7 and fished lugworms and ghost shrimp for one tiny corbina. Around 8, another angler gave me some mussels, and I was joined by a friend. The action picked up considerably, with seven yellowfin croaker and a 15" corbina between the two of us.

Fished Balboa Pier from 6:00 to 10 am with the same friend from Thursday. We started off just behind the Rubys on the north side throwing sabikis for very slow fishing. It looked slow for everyone else too, with only a few mackerel and, surprisingly, yellowfin croaker being caught. I moved down by the first 'T' so that I could use up the leftover bait from Thursday. I caught two smallish yellowfin croaker and a smelt on lugworm and ghost shrimp. I moved back up at around 8, and began tossing the 21 gram coltnsiper. Although at the end there was a sporadic bonito bite, very few made it down past the very end. We left after going fishless for another two hours.