Huntington Beach + Bolsa Jetties + Huntington Pier 6/26


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No Social Distancing Part Three, Land of the Free?

Headed to Huntington Dog Beach at 11 am, a few hours after peak low tide. Initially, there was little wind, and conditions looked good. I started off fishing a Gulp Sandworm, for nothing. There were plenty of sand crabs, but with one problem; they came in three sizes: tiny, big, and bigger. Nothing wanted to eat the big crabs, and the tiny crabs were barely wider than the hook shank itself. I walked to the Bolsa jetties and fished the North Jetty, and saw a couple of nice sized corbina milling around in the wash. They didn't want the big sand crabs either. After total skunk for a couple hours, I decided to walk to Huntington Pier, fishing a couple spots as I walked for nothing. I got to the pier at around 4 pm; by then the offshore winds had seriously picked up, making casts and holding bottom difficult. Around me, anglers were pulling up plenty of sardines, and I could see multiple large baitballs around the pier. I decided not to bother and fished the leftover sand crabs on a Carolina rig. I caught a couple topsmelt that decided they wanted to eat sand crabs, but otherwise nothing else. I left at around 5:30.
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