Humbolt jetty last week

As promised, I and two friends fished humbolt jetties last tues, wed, thursday. We arrived around ten am, set up camp at the Samoa launch campground which is open at 50% for covid spacing, then headed to North Jetty. The swell was large enough to preclude walking out to the dolo s . As Ken implied, this can be very dangerous at times with fatalities. Use common sense when fishing here. Ten minutes in I caught a 15 inch greenling on shrimp and I thought we were really going to smack them. That turned out to be the only fish I landed on the trip. No striped perch this trip though we have done well in the past earlier in the year.


oops, wrong button. later in the day my friend caught another smaller keeper greenling and a very small black rockfish. Wednesday we fished south jetty with no action. We tried shrimp, sardines, squid, and swimbaits,.. Nothing. Another angler took over our spot as we left, pleasant chap, and proceeded to land a very nice black rockfish within minutes. Good on him!. We donated many sinkers though. We returned to north jetty for the afternoon with no action. Thursday we tried the small jetty off King Salmon on the advice of the folks at Bucksports, a small sporting goods store that has good local info. Again, no fish but lots of action on crabs. If a person was using snares , I think they could have done well. With our tails between our legs we returned to the valley mid afternoon. Of note, they are doing major work on both the north and south jetties this summer to repair storm damage . There are some big holes which have been there for as long as I can remember. I am not sure how much access will be had over the summer. Great fishing, poor catching.

good luck all



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I'm reminded of the old adage used by surfers WAAAAAAY back in the day when I did a lot of surfing and built boards for my friends. When ever we would show up for a day of surfing only to find the waves small, slow, and mushy (if there were waves at all)
everyone we talked to would say the same thing: "Ya should have been here YESTERDAY!"

Thanks for the report and the note on future repair work on the jetties.
I usually go to the jetties twice a year. Best times have been, mid march, lots of perch and greenling, rockfish and lings if the water is clear and tides small. Oct and nov really did well on rockfish. I landed 11 in an hour once using a very small swim bait about two feet behind a one ounce silver Kastmaster. Cast, let sink, bring in slow with jigging. Most fish were on the trailer but I got a nice keeper ling on the Kastmaster. I thought I discovered the super secret. I have never duplicated that as well but I still catch a few with this technique.....usually. I think I must have just lucked into a school that day.