Huge Stripers

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Yep, you just need a little food to attract them...

Fishing — Huge stripers running from ten to thirty pounds are still being taken off pier 45 in San Francisco, while few fish are being caught on this side of the bay. It is believed that the big run of bass in San Francisco has been caused by the refuse thrown into the bay from Fisherman's Wharf, which adjoins pier 45.
Oakland Tribune, June 7, 1931


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The biggest striper I ever caught was off Pier 45 back in the late 70's. The fish was 48 inches long. There were always lots of anchovies around the pier back then. We would jig up live bait and just hang it off the end of the pier, 10 or 12 feet down. If you really want to drool over big stirpers from the Bay's heydays, you have to check out some of the Photo's from the old Cuanang book "San Francisco Bay Striper".
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You're right about his book and those pictures of "big" stripers. I have two of his books in my library.

SF.Bay.Striper_Cuanang copy.jpg

San Francisco Bay Striper by Abe Cuanang (1983)

Sturgeon_Cuanang copy.jpg

Sturgeon by Abe and Angelo Cuanang (1997).
My copy is a signed edition from Angelo and the book includes a nice "Thank You" to me and

Pier Fishing In California for our information on sturgeon caught from piers.