Hueneme Pier 8/15, 8/16

SC McCarty

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A friend was at the pier Wed., 8/14. She caught a 12" jack smelt, small mackerel, staghorn sculpin, and anchovies. The anchovies were jumping, indicating something was pursuing

I arrived at the pier about 9:00 am on Thursday, and saw someone leaving with two nice yellowfin croakers. I had recently seen a corbina in the wash area of the surf, so I started there, with one high/low rig with salted mackerel, and a Carolina rig with a camo sand worm. I did catch a corbina (my first) on the sand worm, but not until I was behind the surf. I also caught a small jack smelt and some small walleye perch. Others caught small mackerel and walleyes.

We both went on Friday evening, and fished mid pier, since the end was packed. Using a high/low rig with salted mackerel, I was getting constant bites, mostly small mackerel. Both my friend and I caught small staghorn sculpin. I tried using one for halibut bait, without luck.