Hueneme Pier 4/13/19

A friend and I went to Hueneme Pier a week ago, Saturday. When we got there, there were 3-5 ft waves breaking about half way out on the pier. As the day progressed, the surf diminished, and the reason for the midpier break became apparent. The overall slope of the sand is very shallow, and there appeared to be a sand bar 100+ yd off shore that was knee deep. I wonder if the shallow waters have anything to do with the recent dredging of nearby Channel Islands Harbor, nad if it is affecting the fishing.

I was planning to fish the surf, so I tied on a camo sandworm with a Carolina rig. While I waited for my friend to come back to her stuff, I cast it out mid pier and almost immediately caught a 5" barred surfperch (my first). It seemed like a decent start, but it turned out to be my only fish all day. Other than a couple of local Filipinos (who always seem to be able to catch something), nobody was catching any fish. There were several sheep crabs caught, including some very nice sized ones. My friend caught her first sheep crab, but it was a little small, and returned.

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I have bought some really effective bait rigs (Sabiki) there that was made by anglers on that pier.
One of the things my friend likes about Hueneme is that everyone there is very friendly and helpful. A month or so back, I asked one of the local Filipino experts what he was using. He said it was _____'s mosquito jig line. I didn't catch the name or ask him where he got it. I should have pressed further. Ken mentions them in his second edition, but I don't think he names them.