Hueneme due to open the week of 6/15 (Monday)

SC McCarty

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Hueneme pier opened on Tuesday. A friend went on Wednesday (6/17). Arriving at about 7:00 am, she found a lot of people already there. The city put a lot of thought into making social distancing workable, with some areas marked for one or two people, and others marked for larger groups, and one way lanes for walking the pier. All benches and the cleaning station were removed. Most people seemed to comply with the rules. Unfortunately a few of the regulars did not seem to appreciate being restricted on their pier, moving into areas already occupied by others. The city of Port Hueneme has relatively few COVID-19 cases, but they have been increasing as things have opened up. It is important that people comply with restrictions that are meant to limit its spread.

Fishing was generally slow. My friend caught a sardine. She saw a few mackerel, and a ray caught by others.