Hueneme Beach Park and Pier 5/18

SC McCarty

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We started off the morning fishing the beach east of the park. As I mentioned in a previous thread about the pier the beach has a very shallow slope. There were a lot of sand crabs, but they were all so small they went right through the screen. A friend was using a camo sandworm, and I was using mussels. She never go a bite, and I didn't either until I got down to the mouth of bubbling springs creek (now primarily city runoff). After the bite, I was tempted to stay there and work it a while longer, but I promised we would go over to the pier.

At the pier, she crabbed and used a baited sabiki, while I used mackeral baited hooks dropping down 5 ft from a bobber and casted a jig. I got nothing on the jig, but found my hooks stripped from under the bobber, which never left the surface. I pulled the bobber, rebaited, and caught a small flatfish (speckled snddab?) directly under the pier.
Speckled Sandab 190518bs.jpg
I also caught a silverside (smelt) that I could not positively identify. I looked in the mouth, but could not see teeth (grunion?).

Most people caught an occasion smelt, but the fishing was not very good. My friend caught several slender crabs. Some sheep crabs were caught.

Views of the shallow beach:
HP East 190518.jpg HP East 190518.jpg