How strong should be leader?



If I am casting 2oz lure as far as possible, how strong should be leader to prevent breaking?
And what kind of leaders withstanding better to dynamic loadings?
At least 11 lb not good enough - lure has flied out.
Should be some compromise between thickness of leader (bigger diameter - less biting) and resistance to breaking.


Thank you! Its probably right. I switched now for 20lb Seaguar but some fishermen advising no more then 15lb because Halibut has great vision and line shy. I am lookin now for lines with minimal thickness with equal strength. One more problem is: very often the real strength of the line sometimes much less then shown on the label... Especially after soaking...
ILYA, are you bombing Mickys in the surf zone or just bouncing swim baits in the bay? If your tossing heavy metal to the stripers, then throw nothing lower than 20 lb test mono or flouro. I personally use 25 lb big game mono as my leader and i do just fine.

There's folks who swear by flouro when targeting halibut but I've been around fisherman who do just fine and out fish most folks with heavy mono leader (30 lb mono in fact). It's more about presentation and the ability to move locations and switch up baits.


I am casting from the pier for stripers and/or Halibuts. Current is strong and 1.5-2.0oz heads are required.
I recently repeat test of some lines.
I am pulling the line by scale which I've tested before. I've used accurate tied UniKnots and breaks usually have happened not on the knots.
I've repeat each test 3 times and took average.
Seaguar InvizX 20lb breaks on 12lb, Seaguar Blue Label 25lb - on 17lb, Sunline 16lb - on 10lb and only chip Field & Stream 17lb breaks on 17 lb!
So, expensive Blue Label and chip Field & Stream show the same strength. Another unknown variable it is dynamic loading while casting which is more severe vs. static test...


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Your experience matches mine. Fluorocarbon has much lower knot strength than nylon. I've found that one or two extra turns in the Uniknot, improved clinch knot, or Trilene knot are needed to maintain breaking strength compared to nylon. Typically I'll go with an 8 turn Trilene knot, sometimes finished with a half hitch at the end like the improved clinch knot. This usually gets me close to 100% breaking strength. Give it a shot and report back what you find.