How put mussel on hook.


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I was watching fishing show recorded in Turkiye (new name for non-Turks) and saw this tip, so I thought I pass it along.

Jump to 17:37 for this tip, if you do not want to watch the entire video. The angler says, there is a hairy area on the mussel where there is an opening. Thus, insert the knife there and go along the crack and rotate the knife to split the shell.

Here is the new part for me:
Then use a rod to skewer the mussel. Wrap it with Miracle thread. Now put the hook on the wrapped mussel and wrap some more.
Remove the skewer and cast.

(11) Bir Günde Dört Mevsimi Yaşadık, Yılmadık TAKOZ ÇİPURAYI ALDIK !!! - YouTube

In another video, the main angler is using "worm threader" as the skewer and slid the mussel over the hook and line. : South Bend Worm Threader : Sports & Outdoors

By watching fishing shows in Turkish, not only I see how they do it over there, but also renewing my Turkish to get ready for my trip in fall.

More on that later.
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Secret trick for hooking ghost shrimp. Use a worm threader. You stick it in the tail and run it through the body and out the head. Put the tip of the threader over the tip of the hook. Holding the line and worm threader to keep tension on the hook slide the shrimp off the threader and onto the hook. The guys in oregon troll the rivers for salmon with ghost shrimp hooked this way. Stays on the hook better than any other way I have seen.


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When I first arrived in Los Angeles in 1970, I used fish the Santa Monica pier.
There I learned a Technique of using two hooks tied as a "V". Cutting the mussel open, but not all the way.
Putting a hook on each side of the meat and dropping the whole mussel as a plate. No sinker used.

Result was large perch caught.