How many oldsters remember these pictures and the story behind them?


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I was there on the day that photo was taken. I was the unnamed "guy" in Phong's original report who landed the forth fish. It was the first time I had fished Berkeley Pier for halibut, and I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. Out at the end of the pier, I met these two kids that helped me set up my gear, gave me some pointers, and even gave me some of their bait.

John and Phong had know-how that was way beyond their years. I will never forget the sight of these two kids hauling up fish after fish that day. Like I said, this was my first try ever for halibut, and after a day like that, I was a fan of these two guys for life.
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I just shared this recent post with Rick Rameriz, John's Godfather that showed him how to fish, yesterday. He was very happy to see it. By the way, if anyone has ever seen my unorthodox style of castnet throwing, John Mary showed me how to do it (as he watched me for well over a year at Berkeley Pier struggle with the more traditional styles of throwing). My style of cast net throwing is aptly named "The John Mary."


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A few times they would get dropped off at Benicia to plug all day for salmon. Most of us Benicia people would go weeks before catching any salmon. They would show up and catch in one day. We knew each other from BP of course.