How does another site have the right to use Pier Fishing in California?

Red Fish

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I noticed that another site — California Beaches at
is using my Pier Fishing In California title for part of their site. How is that legal?

Pier Fishing In California has been my website since 1997, two books were published with the same name, and I would think it cannot be copied.
As I was mentioning, there is a site called California Pier Fishing.... almost the same name. You should take a look at that site. Well, it's actually a FB page so that's not really a site...but has a lot of viewership.

Ken Jones

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Robert, people can use a lot of names, steal many things, and some times there is little you can do about it. But this seems so brazen that it really seems illegal (as well as immoral). I may have to seek legal advice and sue but unfortunately that is always expensive.


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yours is older, you own your domain name since back then, and your published. You have a case against them. I would seek legal consultation. I'm not a lawyer.
Look up the site ownership. Sleazy opportunist. He works out of Washington state and has several "shell" sites that are nothing more than these cute "helpful" tourist pages designed to aid travel agents and realtors. Locality, LLC is the organization. is the site that features the pier fishing theft. Note that they mention Bryce and Doug as the site founders. Doug Colbeck is the mover and shaker who accrues and compiles. And steals.

Can you sue? Probably not. PFIC, Pierfishing (one word) In California, yes, but Pier Fishing In California is pretty generic. Like looking up Trout Fishing In America by Richard Brautigan. You will see that novel in the results, but there are other entries that have nothing to do with the book.

One reason (out of many) I discontinued my website was that I tired of seeing my illustrations ripped off and my writing reworded and recycled in other fishing pages. It is, as Ken says, immoral (amoral might be more appropriate), but there is little you can do about it. Perhaps contact them and request acknowledgement, but like so many of these young entrepreneur purloined sites, there is no there there insofar as a living person. Bots don't care. Neither does the guy who creates them.

Best of luck, Ken. We know who the real pierfisherman is.

Ken Jones

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Thanks Glen, it just strikes me as wrong. I haven't always succeeded, but I have tried to follow the Golden Rule in life, treat others as you would be treated, and I would not do a similar action.