Homemade flex sinkers

In the second edition of Pier Fishing in California, Ken mentions a snagless setup contributed by a forum member that used a flex sinker. Since they don't seem to be readily available in tackle shops, I thought about how I might make my own. I had a pair of shoelaces that outlasted the shoes (an unfortunately common occurance these days), and realized that, though they are flat, they are made of a tube. The tube is large enough to hold a pair of BBs, side by side. Using copper coated steel BBs makes these leadless weights. Hopefully they are also snag resistant.

The longest one contains a calculated ounce of BBs (75), but I need to weigh them for actual weights. In the future, I think I will make one end a snap swivel, which would allow adding on weights as needed.


These are the sinkers made from one shoelace. According to the kind lady at the post office, the long ones are very close to 1 oz, the medium one about 0.8 oz, and the short ones about ½ oz (That service is one advantage of living in a small town). I did use snap swivels on the ends of two of them.