Help Needed at Marin Rod & Gun Club's "Kids Day On The Pier"

Ken Jones

Staff member
UPSAC is once again co-hosting the "Kid's Day On The Pier" at the Marin Rod and Gun Club. The date is August 11 and if you've never been to the club or pier (it's normally private and not open to non-members), or to one of their derbies, it's a GREAT time. I will be there, as well as Redfish (Robert) and hopefully illcatchanything (Brian). However, we lost some of the main people that I thought would be helping out and now are short on helpers. We primarily need people to help set up the rigs for the kids rods and reels. In addition, I could use a person or two to help at the registration table and possibly people to help out the kids on the pier. It's a great chance to visit a pier that is normally closed to the public and a great place to bring your kids for a fishing derby that's open to all kids 6-15 years old. Plan on being there from around 8 AM to about 1 PM and plan on having fun. In addition, after the derby, the "pier rats" normally get together and fish for a few hours at the pier. If you've ever wanted to chat with me, or meet Robert and Brian, this is a great time. If you can help out or have any questions please send me a note:
I wish I could make this. I'll be heading back form SoCal that day. I would have liked to catch up you you Ken as well as Robert and Mel. It's been a while.


Ken Jones

Staff member
I'm coming up to Marin on Friday the 10th and hoping to fish with Robert somewhere, either on the Richmond side or San Rafael side of the bay. Planning on staying over Sunday and Monday and checking out some piers.

Red Fish

Senior Member
Ken, I will be doing some professional development in Oakland (at the Lake Merritt Garden Center) Friday morning. Let me know your schedule and perhaps a list of piers you would like to visit. I am available in the afternoon on Friday. The other days, I have availability as well (as the Kids' Derby) is Saturday. If you are staying on the Marin side, you might want to check out the Marin Piers on Friday. Some of the piers, I can tell you the optimal time to take pictures and not be inundated with crowds. For instance, Ferry Point in the AM before 10 am. if it is a weekend or after 5 pm.
Ken, I was going to take my three boys to the event (8, 12, 14)…but they can manage mostly on their own so I can be free to help. We can put my boys to work too if necessary. My email to your address above bounced back btw.

Ken Jones

Staff member
A few notes if you're planning to come to the event and helping out:

1. We will probably start setting up the rods/reels 8:30-8:45. Each rod will be given a sinker and a high/low rigging.
2. When you arrive the gate may be closed. I am going to try to be there around 8 and will get someone to open the gate but they (club personnel) are not always there that early.
3. I have all the sign up materials except for the tables. The sign-ups are easy but I would recommend bringing some sun tan lotion because you may be in the sun.
4. The weather can be anything from cold to hot. It's usually very nice in the morning but by late morning the winds can come up and they can be vicious.
5. The initial jobs will be setting up the rods and signing up the kids. We will need help with judges and though I will have my camera it's always nice to have other cameras to catch pictures of the kids with the fish. Sometimes I am at the frot of the pier and someone will catch a fish mid-pier and before I can get there the fish will be back in the water. So, the more cameras the better.
6. The derby is scheduled 10-2 but usually that means stopping around 1 pm and heading over to the clubhouse for the hot dog lunch. That's followed by the prizes. Each age group has a winner and every kid gets a raffle prize, The goal is to finish by around 2 pm.
7. Some membes of PFIC may do some fishing as soon as the gear is put away, some may decide to watch the awards and then do some fishing. Most of us will probably be doing some fishing from around 2:30-5 or so. Hopefully we will not run into any major problems.

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