Help adding weight to old Rebel Minnows

I remember in Fish Sniffer, Hippo talked about injecting water into Rebel Minnows to add more weight for surf
casting. Does anyone know where in the Minnow he drilled into and how much total wt works best. Minnows
weigh about 5/8 oz. Thanks
s rebel.png


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I honestly don’t know but I’ll give it a shot where it might be possible to add weight. I’ve seen an old article that showed where people have drilled and injected some type of adhesive cement in wood baits but I’ve never tried it.

I’m thinking the area behind the first hook between the first two yellow lines, up to the second yellow line is where the weight needs to be. Before you do anything permanent, maybe hot glue a small split shot to the belly to test buoyancy and how it floats in the water. Then mark it.
Thanks for your input. Since Hippo worked out all the details (how much water, where to drill) it would save me
a lot of trial and error to get the best results, to get info from someone who has already done it.


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I used to use lead dots of various diameters cut from sheet lead with a punch set and epoxied into place.....worked pretty well and if you put them in the right place they did not ruin the lure performance and often improved it.......That was on smaller lures though