Heading to Catalina --

Red Fish

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Ken, send us some updates from your iPhone if you can. It's nice to get live updates. Hope you get some great luck! I don't believe you lobster hoop, but maybe Mahigheer will join you or that young guy that's obsessed with Ahab! I imagine Calico bite all year... I think squid or small bucktail jigs might do something this time of year. Of course ghost shrimp or market shrimp. And I wonder if you can jig up sardines this time of year??


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or that young guy that's obsessed with Ahab!
Hmm, wonder who that is, never heard of him...

I just came home for the holidays, though I will be staying at Avalon for a couple days on the 16th. Last time I was there the calico were almost completely absent from the GPP, with only a couple small ones in the kelp at the Mole. There were a ton of baitfish in the harbor, mostly smelt, but nothing around to eat them.


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I was there Friday and Saturday. It was not a good trip for me from the start, so no long report from me. Sorry.

I got skunked on lobster (no big surprise there) and bonito (surprise there). I only fished for bonito. I had taken bait, but did not use them.

Some bonito were caught on Friday before I got there. No more until Sunday. Fish ninja reports limit and a 25” one on Sunday.

I did a How-to lobster hoop on Friday night, then spent the whole evening at the pier in the cold night.

Ken and his “crew” did great pile fishing with a lot and various fish caught.

I am sure Ken will have a proper report when he is home Sunday night.


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Great meeting you finally Ken! By the time I wanted to find you again to take a picture with you, you were gone... We left mid afternoon and we managed nothing more than you saw loosing all other farmed ones to the kelp.

Not much to report but I will do a fuller report later to day (I hope). I did get a chance to finally meet FishNinja and snapped this picture of bonito that he (on the left) and his friend caught.