Heading south tomorrow...

Ken Jones

Staff member
I should be in Oceanside by tomorrow afternoon and plan to hit both the Oceanside Pier and Oceanside Harbor pier.

Wed — morning a.m. at the Oceanside Pier; afternoon and evening at the San Clemente Pier and Dana Harbor Pier.

Thur —morning a.m. at the Balboa Pier (hope to see Snookie) and p.m. at the Newport Pier.

Fri — morning a.m. at the Huntington Beach Pier; p.m. heading back to Fresno.

If you're at any of those piers stop by and say hi. Look for the pudgy guy wearing the Wylie's Bait Shop hat. Not sure if I will give a recap each night or wait till I get back but I will make a report. My sources say there's some fish to be had.