Heading out to Santa Cruz Wharf right now

I havent been there for awhile but my good buddy Chris who works at the boat rental place says achovies are everywhere. So I figure might as well go catch bait fish! I have caught a few strange things off the wharf. I caught a odd looking, alienish decorator crab, a couple octopus & live squid off a Sabiki. Fishings fun there because usually you catch something. Plus we got secret access to a platform under the warf where the fishing can get real exciting!
Good luck - report back; pictures are fun. There is a "how to do a pier report" thread that will eventually become available if you haven't seen it already (says someone who never follows any established protocols).
I caught a few shiner perch at the bend across from Splash & Otilias by the cleaning station. Used shrimp.Only fished a couple hours. Water was real calm & not many people fishing. Temprature was perfect.

Caught more Pokemom than fish! Lol!