Have the lobster gone to deeper water for the winter

With the massive surf along the coast, will the lobster have gone to deeper water? About when do they start reappearing in shallow water after the winter?


Ken Jones

Staff member
Everything I have ever read has said they go into deeper water as the season progresses. It's one reasons, among several, why the openers are often good at piers but quickly see a drop-off in lobster. Boaters being in deeper water continue to catch lobster later into the season. As to when they return, that's a good question but I am assuming it's in the spring March-April-May.
That's what I was guessing too. I am wondering if there is much of a chance for getting something before the season closes (March 20 for this season).
I can tell you don't give up on the shallows. Lobster will continue to be around. Some of my best catches have shallow & toward the end of the season.
Does this include the winter months?

We were at Goleta until about 10 PM last Friday, and never pulled up anything but an empty net. I talked to a diver earlier in the season, who said he saw lots of shorts, and took a few keepers. I had hoped that a friend could at least catch some shorts, even though she could not keep them.