Harrassed By Transient At Seal Beach Pier

Fishman Fishman

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October 10th arrived at end of pier at 5:00 a.m. No other fisherman or individuals on pier. There was a transient man hanging around the end of the pier. Upon my arrival transient began yelling and shouting profanities at me. He was watching what I was doing and loudly commenting in negative tones about me.

I'm being purposely brief about this mad man's ranting.

I called Seal Beach Police and two Officer's arrived in about 5 minutes. One Officer who arrived, was familiar with the transient. This Officer had already had two prior contacts with this individual around the beach earlier in the night.

The transient was escorted off the pier. The Officer told the transient that he wasn't welcome in Seal Beach. (y)

Not the way I imagined my fishing morning would start! Stay alert and be safe!