Happy Thanksgiving everyone...

Too much rain to go fishing in SC.
And everywhere else. Went up towards Oregon on Wednesday and had to take a 350-mile detour due to I-5 being shut down. Lovely snow-covered trek. Brought us to 101 and a raging sea from Trinidad to Crescent City. 14 hours on the road and still had to wait until the next day to get out of California. Made it to my son's Thanksgiving vegan dinner just in time, however. Renewed respect for mighty nature and man's relative unimportance. Also renewed contempt for the clowns who think they can travel without chains--the primary reason I-5 was closed above Redding.

Good time to check gear, tie new rigs and groove until the water is safe for angling. The fish will still be there.

Peace to all.
Glad you are safe home (I guess). There is a reason they make movies about traveling for the holidays.
I spent the day with the family at my nieces' house in Newport Beach. About an hour drive in; at times heavy rain.

Big surprise for me was that my daughter had invited one of her students at Harvey Mudd. She was Turkish. It gave me a chance to practice my Turkish. She had also graduated from an American high school that I wanted to go in Istanbul. But that's another story.