Happy Birthday Skipper.

Ken Jones

Staff member
Thanks everyone, I had a good day. Just wish I could have been fishing. As some of you know I've had to cut back on the fishing a little. Having rotator cuff problems that dated back to my Catalina trips and was in therapy for a while. Finished up the therapy and it felt great. However, I didn't follow the doctor's device, went to Costco, and lifted up a few packages of water that are fairly heavy. Almost immediately the pain was back worse than before. Back to the doctor and finally today scheduled for further therapy. We'tre hoping that can solve it without an operation. Unfortunately it's on my right side which affects the casting but I think it will be fine in most situations. Just a little hesitant. I can lift my arm but at different angels it can really hurt. We'll see. Will be heading to San Diego in a couple of weeks and though mainly doing non-fishing family things perhaps I can test it out a little while I am down there.