Halibut limit along Berkeley pier in kayak 5/11

Yeah make sure you wear your PFD if you go fishing out in the Berkeley flats area. After 12 noon it can get pretty hairy!

I was drifting popsicles on a 3-way rig. Still no live anchovies at kdock.

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Well, WTG-Eric! If you paddled 6 miles round trip, you deserve it. I can’t go that far in my slow Cobra Fish n Dive unless I put an engine on it. Thanks for the tips of drifting vs anchoring; makes sense. Also, fishing the channel water vs the shallower.
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I only had to work a half day so decided to try the same place again in the early afternoon. It was really windy and the waves were super choppy so most of the time I was forced to stay inside the rock wall/pier area. I caught a bunch of shakers and at the very last minute was able to score a 23" keeper. I'm planning to go out again on Saturday but I'm not getting too much action there.

I have so many fillets now that I'm experimenting. I decided to break out my deep fryer.

Good job! Thanks for the details; makes sense. There is a good drift running parallel to the Richmond Rockwall.
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WTG - Went our yesterday too from pier. Again, 3-1. Mine went 30” and I caught it at 9pm on shiner. View attachment 883
Oh, BTW - Eric, the website owner, Ken Jones, likes a report with pictures. Even if it is: “I drifted parallel to Berkeley Pier using frozen tray anchovies on a three-way rig.” It’s like a minimum requirement for posting catch reports.
I guess you could write:”Same as before” for brevity if the catch tactics are all duplicated.
Went out on the kayak again this morning and limited out for the 3rd time in a row. Same East Bay area, this time up and down the rock wall/jetty. Three 24" halibut and one 22" striper, all on 3-way halibut rigs around noon during the outgoing. I used both frozen tray bait anchovies and frozen top smelt I caught the day before on the pier. All the top smelt I used got hookups within 10 minutes of casting.

Happy Father’s Day Eric! Looks like you’ll be having fish for your dad’s day dinner.
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