Grunion = halibut = bat rays

Ken Jones

Staff member
Talking to Bill down at Oceanside and he said this weekend is supposed to see grunion. Not sure the dates for other beaches but generally they're pretty much the same at most SoCal beaches.

Remember that when the grunion move into the beaches they are usually followed by both halibut and bat rays. Of course he said it's also supposed to rain Wed-Fri so that might put a damper on some. And, even when there are predicted runs the grunion don't always show up where expected. I remember many nights when I was young and waiting on beaches for the grunion to show up. Sometimes they did and sometimes they didn't.
The birds know. You will often see them piling up outside the beaches in the afternoon before the run. Flittering around checking the water, dipping. Same thing they do on squid concentrations. I usually don’t fish during the run but before sunrise after the run. I also throw swimbaits instead of lures so as to not have so many hooks flying around. If the bite is on, pinch down those barbs for quicker and easier release.