Grubbing On The Marin Coast

The winds are consistently awful in the Bay Area and the courageous angler will be rewarded with short halibut most of the time. Not worth it. So I ventured to the seashore yesterday and took on the huge mixed swells and strong wind waves, to 8 feet. The wind itself was steady at 12 knots. Hard to keep up with even a short leader because the water came straight in and the period between crests was brief. Lots of foam walls. Deep fog cover. Got there at Noon; left just before 3. Slow action and quite a bit of roaming. No measurable schools, just the occasional hit or miss or slam. I quit at 7 but could have limited--or caught even more if that was the way I rolled. They are not huge slabs, but they'll do. I have over five pounds of meat ready for a super scampi.

I was surprised--and a little sad--to discover that a few had small babies inside. There was no observable evidence before butchering. The gestation period does extend into July, but most times at my location they are done by mid-June. Ah well. Had I known in advance I would not have kept any. Or even fished there. The largest one was a male with gonads bright and ready to spray. All fish had recently dined on sand crabs.

Ugly Stik Intercoastal 6'6" with newer guides
P-line CXX 6# test
Shimano Sahara 1500 (ancient reel!)
Size 4 Owner SSW
1oz Egg Sinker
Pumpkin Seed Grub

Standard Carolina Rig
Thursday 2021-07-15
Sunrise 6:00 PDT, Sunset 20:32 PDT
Moonrise 11:41 PDT, Moonset 0:15 PDT
High Tide: 2:57 PDT 5.0
Low Tide: 9:41 PDT 0.1
High Tide: 16:43 PDT 5.3

Low Tide: 22:36 PDT 2.3

Canada Geese
Redwoods and Chaparral
Hard to live here sometimes!

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