grilled whole striper


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  1. gill, gut, scale, chop off the extra fins on the striper, rinse it out, leave the head, asian style
  2. place a foil on the barbeque (yeah this is not grilling but maybe you have a fish basket, or a nice clean grill.. but take a lookie)
  3. make a bed of chopped onions and lemon slices, or you can just spray PAM
  4. place fish on top uncovered
  5. season with salt or whatever you prefer, or even cover with lemons, lemon juice
  6. grill it medium heat for 20 minutes or more, maybe even over-cooking it a bit to crispy (like once I lost track of time and got it almost burnt up but the fish was big and thick so it was not lost and it tasted hella good)
  7. done, enjoy with a Corona outside on a summer afternoon