Greetings from Snow covered Utah.


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Hello from Heber City, Utah. I am at the library computer.

Anyhow, it has been snowing a lot. I caught some fish at a place called Strawberry Reservoir. Or as locals call it, " the berry". I was fishing with two local anglers. We caught many cutthrout trout. We kept limit of legal ones. The pictures maybe small, but that is the best I can do from here.

Next stop is to fish in Colorado with Bill Varney for Northern Pike.

Wish we had auto spell correction here.

Good morning for now,


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Hello from Fairplay, Colorado,

I am using the hotel computer. I had another post from Park City, but I don't see it here!

It has been snowing all night after I got here. It took 11 hrs. from Heber City, Utah to Fairplay, Colorado.

It was an adventure. Road was clear of snow, but very dense fog at times.

The hardest part was the last section. Dark, very windy mountain road and 10 hrs. of driving.

It still snowing, but no gusts, so it is pretty. I am about to go to a reservoir called 11 mile, to fish for northern pike.

Until later, angler at large,



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Good morning,

Had an adventures day yesterday driving a lot and getting the lay of the land.
Bought a shelter and will be going out to fish today. So far I missed fishing six days of fishing due to weather, traveling and visiting the sick friend.

I got four days to catch the target....northern pike. Today I will be fishing the 11 mile reservoir. Good possibility of catching.

However, being the first time on this hard water, I am disadvantaged.

Not much snow last night and we are going toward clear weather until my departure.

For now,

Mahigeer at large!!

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Looking at and reading about the snow, I imagine Avalon sounds pretty good about now, but you would be missing fishing in SoCal, due to weather, too. We are in the middle of a week of rain.



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Hell from rainy Los Angeles!

Back home safe and sound even though LA drivers tried to hit me so many times!

After a few days rest and deal with electrical problems that have become an issue while gone, I will be working on my report.

It will be more of a travel log.

No matter how humble, there is no place like home.