Great White at Balboa Pier Today

This morning while I was fishing a great white decided to blast through the surface of the water. He made it look like something big had fallen from space into the water. A few seconds later and closer to the pier the shark went into a frenzy. I saw its dorsal which was about 20 plus inches high. He was twisting back and forth eating something. After thinking about what it was that he might be eating, I decided it must be a large bat ray. He disappeared after that and we called the lifeguards. Guess what-they don't work on weekends. Called the fire department and they responded with some lifeguards. It was decided to close the beach for several hours. Of course nothing happened and all was well. That shark was probably 10 plus feet long. That is mature size. Made the day interesting. Found out our new shark detector doesn't work when the shark comes at us parallel to the shore in close. It only works when the fish comes in from the sea. The guy who is responsible for the machine was there and I talked to him as to why it didn't work as planned. They had expected the shark to enter that area from the outer ocean area.