Great Hi/Lo rig using a "T" knot


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I have experienced a lot of success using a "big" Hi/Lo rig (low branch at 12" up from the weight and the upper branch 18" above that) to catch striped bass on the delta. This is a tutorial for tying this rig using a "T" knot. If you tie this using 30 lb. test with the T knot, the branches are stout and less likely to twist around the mane line.



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Stickman, thank you for posting this rig. This was the first time I had heard about it. I tied some rigs on Friday night and used this to haul up a nice 3lber while rock fishing the cliffs yesterday. The presentation and strength were much better than a typical hi-lo for me.

Thank you for spreading the knowledge to the community and helping us get smarter about fishing!


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Hey Noland! You just made my day. Congratulations on the 3 pounder! It is really fun to discover new techniques and even more satisfying when they actually help you catch fish. Good on you for being willing to try new stuff!