Good tips on a fillet knife for halibut.

I once filleted a 12 pound Halibut and a 15 pound White Seabass with a one inch long knife attached to my big pair of line Clippers. This was on a beach near San Quentin. While not perfect, it produced fine results. Lots of small cuts, then long sweeps to separate the fillets from the Carcass. Same for cutting the skin away from the meat.
My ideal fillet knife is a Buck 8 inch Fillet Knife. It takes a long lasting edge after sharpening and has a great Kraton nonstick handle. It has strength where you need yet a tip that makes sharp turns easy. For larger Alaskan Halibut, also Most Yellowtail and Tuna, I go with a Mundial 10 inch Fillet knife. While only and 2 inches longer that the Buck there is probably twice the metal involved in the blade. Cuts right thru bones, stays sharp and as a bonus, looks great.
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