Good news at Malibu —

Ken Jones

Staff member
For the last few months I had been unable to reach Ginny Wylie at Wylie's Bait & Tackle in Malibu. Given that she is one of my favorite people, and that her shop is an "iconic" bait shop, I was very worried. Her phone would ring but no response which I thought was strange. If she had died someone undoubtedly would have had the phone shut off. So perhaps an injury or illness of some type? Wednesday I specifically drove out to Malibu to see what I could see. The shop was still there but closed and plastic sheets covered the counter.

She called me a few minutes ago and sure enough she had suffered an injury—a broken femur bone in her leg and she was stuck in rehab and her home. Finally, just a few days ago, she was given permission to drive once again. A second problem though is that a small leak turned into a big leak during the heavy winter storms and caved in part of the roof. She's dealing with her injuries and the damage to the shop.

She has a lot of work to do but hopes she can get the place back open by early to mid-June and I told her I might be able to see her on June 1`3 when I return home from the San Diego trip. Hopefully she will be open. Below is an old article that I did one day.’s-—-a-malibu-tradition/