Good Bite @ San Clemente Pier Today

Enjoyed beautiful weather, no crowds, and good steady bite today. Fished half day. Caught and released shovelnose sandshark, roundrays, short sand bass, short calico bass, mackerel, jacksmelt, and salema. Ended the day with a nice spotfin croaker. Fish bit on anchovy, squid and mackerel. Croaker went home with us and turned into fish tacos. A few mackerel as bait for next trip.


Ken Jones

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Good to hear things are picking up.

For clarification: shovelnose sandshark is a shovenose guitarfish, roundrays are round stingrays (or possibly thornback rays).


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Thanks for the report! I fished the end with friends on Wednesday morning. It was windy and the bite on anything but bait fish was very slow. In three hours of fishing I got a horse mackerel, 4 salema and a queen fish. Saw one other mackerel caught while I was there.