Gone But Not Forgotten articles

Ken Jones

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I hope some of you find these interesting. As a historian and fisherman I've always enjoyed researching the old piers, seeing what anglers caught, and wishing I had been alive to fish them. If you are only looking for fishing information just skip them. I have several more but am waiting for pictures on some. Need to redo my trip down the coast to a few historical societies but it's been hard to do lately. Contact me if any of you are interested in helping with research in your local area.



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I really enjoy them. The info can be used currently as places where there may be structure to fish. I know in the past we use to catch a good amount of surfperch where the old Coronado pier was located. I didn’t even know a pier was built there until many years later, looking at old San Diego articles and pictures.

Do you know of any piers built or sinkings around the near shore silver strand area facing the ocean? Most of the area seems to be kind of like a fishing desert for perch, except for certain spots.

SC McCarty

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You're articles are interesting, but a bit depressing. They make me realize how much we have messed up our coast. The abundance of fish of all sizes around the turn of the twentieth century was astounding.