Goleta Pier, Saturday, 1/18

SC McCarty

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A friend and I went to Goleta yesterday, fishing just before the boat launch. As usual, the area beyond the boat launch was well coated with bird droppings, making fishing uninviting. We got a late start, and did not get fishing until about 11:00 AM. Using mussels, I had consistent action by casting close to the pipe reef, getting a fish on almost every cast, but they all were small: shiner perch, walleye perch, white croaker, and jacksmelt. Some of them went in the live bait bucket (with aerator). The rest were released. I did not catch anything with the live bait.

My friend caught mostly the same things. One of the guys near us caught an approximately 10" olive rockfish. Further out a couple of guys were catching the same things, as well as herring (sardine like fish without spots).

A couple of guys (plus a 4 to 5 year old boy) in the inshore area had quite a setup: a large live bait tank, with a 12 v battery powered aerator, and 6 to 8 lines in the water. I let them know that there was a limit of 2 rods per person, but it did not change anything. I never saw them catch anything.