Goleta Pier, 6/17/20

SC McCarty

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A friend and I went fishing at Goleta Pier on Wednesday. We stopped just before the boat launch, because it looked like their weren't any good spaces further out. There was a stiff breeze from the west, resulting in the pipe reef kelp coming toward the pier. I spent most of my time trying to fish the kelp or the pilings, using high/low rigs baited with mussel, shrimp or squid. I wasn't even getting my bait stolen. I think that fishing the edge of the kelp left the bait too far away from the reef. I switched sides, and cast well out from the pier, with one hook baited with shrimp and one with squid. I caught two 6 or 7" white croakers.

My friend was getting bites, but no fish, on the east side. Finally, while she was neglecting her rod, a 3" shiner perch managed to hook itself.

While we didn't have much to show for it, it was a nice time.