Golden Gate Bridge

they were using rapalas or swimbaits. if i were them i would use a wood plug like a bottle or pencil. the key is to keep the lure in the water longer, dancing and splashing around topwater.
+1! Had great success there some years ago when I used pencil poppers. I gave up because those rocks are always super slick and dangerous, and negotiating my way safely for a wee 19" striped bass was hardly worth it. Thanks to this forum--or more accurately its avatar two message boards ago--I got some tips from two guys who used to work Hi's tacklebox. Joe and Ali their names were, but I have forgotten their pfic screen handles. (Also met a poster who used flatware for lures, and with good results. Forgot his handle, too.) I relocated just down the way (a little east) to Crissy Field and the beach, where swimbaits attracted some very fine halibut. Also, moving down a bit farther, from Crissy to the yacht harbor, I found spots where halibut, stripers, and lings would take my dark colored plastics. Always makes me laugh when I see those poor crowded souls massed on the Fort Point Pier, fighting each other for fish. Just a few yards away, less congestion and fishing that would make a real angler proud. Except for lings, I find that I do not need to cross bridges for successful plugging. Not much of a pay-to-fish person.

Great picture, by the way. Timeless.
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yup those rocks and waves looks like suicide. i can't think of a reasonable way to land a big fish there. That's one of two things I think of when I spy a spot - 1. is it fishy, and 2. is it fishable (meaning i can do my thing, i can land the fish there)

lol, 19" fish

i've been fishing crissy for decades. its been dying from dog poop and sunscreen run off. not as great as it used to be
I've plugged there years ago - mostly slow for me, but had a couple good days using hair raisers. I'm not great or confident at using plugs, and end up spending most of my time plugging with hair raisers. But yeah, rocks are slippery there and landing a fish can be dicey. I liked high tide, as low tide it gets snaggy.